Keep Music Listeners Engaged with Track-Level Data and Recommendations

A Recorded Webinar: Presented by Rovi

Give music lovers more of what they love with recommendations and track-level data. If you keep giving listeners exactly the music they want to hear next, they're more likely to come back for more. Build listener loyalty and encourage consumption with Rovi Music.

Want to offer your customers a new way to enjoy and manage the music available through your service? Let them build playlists based on their favorite artist, album, track, or genre. Rovi Recommendations Service is one of a suite of APIs designed to help you quickly create innovative music discovery applications across multiple platforms and devices.

Music fans are buying and listening to more single tracks than ever before. Build loyalty and encourage consumption by introducing them to songs they'll love based on their unique preferences. Sit in on the webinar for the full story, and dig deeper into the details of how track-level recommendations are designed.

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