The Recommendations Revolution

A Recorded Webinar: Presented by GigaOM and Rovi

Join GigaOM Pro and Rovi for the analyst roundtable "The Recommendations Revolution", webinar about how entertainment discovery and recommendations are changing in the connected device era.

Join analyst roundtable panelists: Michael Papish from Rovi, Mark Mulligan from GigaOM Pro and Patrick Moorhead from Moor Insights & Strategy to discuss how traditional models for entertainment discovery and recommendations are in the midst of a dramatic shift that began over a decade ago. The growth of algorithmic recommendations from the likes of Netflix and Amazon has created a departure from the way in which consumers have traditionally discovered new TV programs, video, music or other types of content, while the growing reliance upon one's own social graph and interest communities are also having increasing sway on how consumer's allocate their time and money.

By attending the webinar, you'll learn:

  • How the consumer discovers content today and how that will change
  • How the combination of algorithms and human editors will play a role in the future of entertainment discovery
  • How the recommendations revolution differs across TV, movies and music
  • How you can effectively utilize search, personalization, social and community driven entertainment recommendations
  • How the future of entertainment commerce and recommendations are intertwined

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