Analogue TV

How do I know that my device is affected by the shutdown?

A number of analogue DVD recorders could be affected by this broadcast shutdown.

An easy way to find out if your device is using GUIDE Plus+ is to start the Electronic Program Guide by pushing the “Guide Button” on the remote control.

If you can see the GUIDE Plus+ logo in your Electronic Program Guide your device could be impacted by the termination of the service.

I am still connected to an analogue service and now find that the Guide no longer has any programming information. Is there something that I can do?

The Guide Plus+ service has been discontinued so your Guide will not receive any schedule information. Unfortunately there is nothing else that we can do. Analogue broadcast services are also being terminated over time as part of the switch-over to digital broadcast services.

Normally I would set up recordings using the Guide but now as the service has been terminated how would you recommend that I continue to record.

You will have to find the programme schedules elsewhere and then set up the Timer recording manually by entering the date, channel, start time and duration of the programme. If your recorder is equipped with ShowView and you find a publication that prints the ShowView codes on their schedules you can use this to set the Timer Recording. If uncertain you should refer to the user manual